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Wholesale Super Soft Luxury White Duck Goose Down Comforter Feather Duvet

Wholesale Super Soft Luxury White Duck Goose Down Comforter Feather Duvet
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Product Details

We are acquiring cutting-edge technology to ensure that our Feather Down Quilt, Polish Goose Down, Grey Goose Feathers is competitive in both the domestic and international market. We train our staff for professional knowledge and new business development. We are committed to providing competitive products and continuous innovation. With the advanced management concept and perfect quality management system, we take the market demand as the foundation, technology as the core and constantly develop and innovate. Professional and sophisticated corporate philosophy, systematic and complete management system are the solid foundation for us to build our brand. Our company's complete management system maximizes every aspect of the production process, from staff quality, product quality to after-sales service are all under the effective monitoring of a whole set of management system.

Product Feature

This Goose Feather Duvet comes with high performance material, which is made of soft and breathable cotton fabric. In addition, this natural goose down feather filling is better for a comfortable sleep experience.This pure white quilt has the right amount of thickness to provide year-round comfort and can be easily used with or without a duvet cover. Equipped with professional craftsmanship, this  Goose Feather Duvet is stitched with stencils to prevent the feather filler from shifting or triggering, ensuring a smooth appearance, with angled seams and double-layer piping on the edges. Due to the proper size and compact design, it is really easy to clean and store.

Product Description

This Goose Feather Duvet comes with the widest selection of top quality goose feather, which has longer service life for use. This good quality down duvets can greatly improve the quality of your sleep, thus keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer!

Our Feather Cleaning Process

●When the bales of pre-washed feathers arrive at our factory they must be professionally washed and processed for use in our bedding products.

●This process comprises of a further two pre-washes, two full washes with with specially formulated detergents, and several rinses.

●This is followed by drying and sterilising with high pressure steam at 130°C.

●The next step is the de-dusting process which ensures the products are non-allergenic.

●Every batch is then tested to determine that the Oxygen rating (organic cleanliness) conforms to international standards.

●The feathers are then sorted in our huge sorting machine into various grades of fillings.

We sincerely welcome customers to quickly feedback their ideas and information to us, so that our Wholesale Super Soft Luxury White Duck Goose Down Comforter Feather Duvet will keep improving and these will become the cornerstone of our common long-term development. We have to be good at unity and cooperation, get motivation from the collective, and truly form a good atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry in the new normal provides a huge market opportunity for our growth.
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