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Men's Down-Like Jacket

Men's Down-Like Jacket
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Product Details

We updated and perfected the product structure of Hungarian Goose Down, Cushions, Down Filled Comforter in order to comply with market changes and ever-increasing requirements of customers. It is our belief that the creative aspects of product design, development and manufacturing need to keep pace with the development of science and technology. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationship with customers all over the world. We take 'customer satisfaction' as the work standard, so we actively introduce talents and technology, and continue to reform and innovate. Welcome to join us!

WHAT IS DWRDOWNTM Durable Water Repellent Down

Regular down is treated with a molecular level polymer to create a hydrophobic finish on each individual down plume. This finish allows DwrDown™ to stay dry longer, loft better, and dry faster than untreated down, keeping you warmer in any environment.

Technology Explanation

●10-times Stays Drier: Stays dry 10-times longer than untreated down.

●160% Keeps warmer: Retains 60%(1.6-times) more lofe than untreated down when exposed to moisture and humidity.

●30% Dries faster: Dires 30% faster than untreated down.

Its widely accepted that down is the best insulation available… lighter, warmer, more compressible, and more durable than any other natural or synthetic insulation ever created. But down has one major flaw. As it gets wet from rain, condensation, humidity, or sweat, it begins losing its loft and its ability to keep you warm.

DwrDowns™ hydrophobic finish is key to the outstanding performance of DwrDown™, enabling sleeping bags and jackets insulated with DwrDown™ to stay drier, loft better, and dry faster than bags and jackets insulated with untreated down. This means any bag or jacket insulated with DwrDown™ will keep you warmer, longer in any situation.

Quality Test Results Explained

As the industry leader in the emerging field of hydrophobic down, Chinese is at the forefront of developing test methodologies to evaluate the performance of down in the presence of moisture. We are partnering with key, third-party testing labs such as the California Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (CDFL) and SGS North America, Inc. to ensure the independent, scientific evaluation of down''''s performance. This in an evolving process and the following test results represent our most recent efforts along the way to establishing an industry standard for hydrophobic down evaluation.

Wet Out Test

This method tests how quickly down can become fully saturated through direct contact and agitation with water.

0.5 gram each of DwrDown™ and untreated down were placed in separate jars containing 100ml of water and shaken to full saturation (all down is submerged, nothing left floating). Three different samples were tested and the average number of shakes to reach full saturation was recorded. 

The ratio of DwrDown™ shakes to untreated down shakes was 10.8, supporting our claim that DwrDown™ stays dry 10-times longer than untreated down.

Loft Shake Test

This method tests down loft retention through direct contact and agitation with water.

1.0 gram each of 600 fill DwrDown™ and untreated down were placed in separate jars containing 100ml of water and loft was measured. Both jars were placed on a shaker and vertically shaken 10 times. At the end of 10 shakes, each sample was measured to determine how much loft was retained. 

Test results confirm that DwrDown retains 170% (2.7-times) more loft than untreated down when exposed to moisture.

Dry-Out Test

This method tests how quickly down can completely dry from a specific wet-out using a static drying device.

2.0 grams each of DwrDown™ and untreated down were placed in separate jars containing 100ml of water and shaken vertically 10 times each. After 10 shakes, each sample was weighed to determine the weight of the water absorbed then placed in an open-ended cylinder to dry. The weight of the DwrDown™ and the untreated down was continuously measured until all the water weight had evaporated. 

Untreated down took an average of 34% more time to become fully dry, supporting our claim that DwrDown™ dries 33% faster than untreated down.

Products Application

As the industry leader in the emerging field of hydrophobic down, explore the possibilities in Duvet, Sleeping Bags, Outerwear etc...

Sleeping Bags

In an 80% relative humidity environment, an untreated 15-degree down sleeping bag loses up to 30% of its loft over a period of eight hours. A 30% loss of loft essentially turns a 15-degree sleeping bag into a 30-degree sleeping bag. DwrDown™ sleeping bags avoid this loss of thermal efficiency by retaining 98% of their loft, keeping you warmer all night long on both short and extended trips into the backcountry.


Whether earning your turns, sitting on belay, or summiting a 14er, your down jacket is going to soak up some moisture, impacting its ability to insulate. With its hydrophobic finish, DwrDown™ helps prevent sweat, rain, or melting snow from soaking in, keeping your down drier and lofting better for optimum warmth. And if any of our DwrDown™ jackets do get wet, they will always dry faster than jackets with untreated down.

Environmental Standards

DwrDown™ is made with natural down and, unlike synthetic insulations, is not made from petroleum products. Down is a renewable natural resource and we''ve found that DwrDown''s™ hydrophobic finish actually increases its durability over untreated down, enhancing the longevity of your apparel and sleeping bags. We are working on tests to measure how much more durable DwrDown™ actually is.

All components of the polymer used in DwrDown™ (including chemical manufacturing, finished chemical, and down processing) have been evaluated and rated as non-hazardous to human health, safety, and the environment by a third-party, internationally recognized agency. This rating tells the world that DwrDown™ meets or exceeds rigorous standards for health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

We continue to innovate according to the needs of our customers, conduct transparent cooperation with our partners, and provide customers with the best comprehensive solutions and services in the field of Men's Down-Like Jacket. Products of various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, drawings and samples. We try to establish friendly relations with manufacturers around the world, and write a new chapter in competition.
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