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China Supplier 75% Goose Down White Comforter Plaid Light Duvet/Quilt

China Supplier 75% Goose Down White Comforter Plaid Light Duvet/Quilt
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We will initially maintain the business philosophy of quality and continue to provide our customers with superior Microfiber Cushions, White Duck Feather, White Goose Down. We firmly believe that long-term business success can only be rooted in integrity and enthusiasm. Cooperation, exchange and communication are not means, but a way of mutual benefit to create a virtuous business circle. 'Your satisfaction is our happiness'. As the old saying goes: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Since we started our business, we have inherited the spirit of not being afraid of reforms and unremittingly opened up new markets, which has made substantial progress.

Hypoallergenic goose down quilts provide the warmth and softness of down that minimize the development of allergic reactions. It can make a big difference in sleep comfort and overall allergy levels. Luxury goose down quilt OEM&ODM support from Yongfeng, a 36 year down feather and bedding factory location at china.

Goose Down is by the best natural insulating material that is used for bedding. Get cozy under the Goose Down Quilt, filled with responsibly-sourced, hypoallergenic, white goose down for the ultimate in softness, the Quilt brings premium softness and luxury to any bedroom. 

Goose down are the feathers closest to the body of a goose. The outside feathers are larger and are used to fly and are waterproof. The softer feathers on the inside are called the "down" and they help insulate and keep the goose warm when it is flying and on cold water.

Goose Down Quilt OEM&ODM Description

1.Product Name: goose down quilt

2.Size: as your request

3.Fabric: 233TC, 100% cotton, plain, bleached, down-proof.

4.Filling: 95% white goose down

5.Weight: 100gsm for Summer, 300gsm for Winter, 150gsm for Spring and Autumn.

6.Label: ribbon label, non-woven label, law label, silk label.

7.Package: PE bag for hotel use; PVC bag + insert for market selling or customized.

All units are welcome to choose the China Supplier 75% Goose Down White Comforter Plaid Light Duvet/Quilt produced by our company. We are willing to cooperate with you loyally and develop together! Our scientific procurement combined with our own technology and equipment can reduce customer costs very well, and serve every new and old customer with the best product quality and reasonable product quotation. We strictly control product quality, and standardized internal management systems.
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