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100% Hungarian King Comforter 10.5 Tog High Fill Power Filling Siberian Goose Feathers Down Duvets Inner

100% Hungarian King Comforter 10.5 Tog High Fill Power Filling Siberian Goose Feathers Down Duvets Inner
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Product Details

Our superior quality Pillows, Wool Blanket, Grey Duck Feather that meet high standards and our wide range of products make us stand out from the competition in the market. Since our establishment, we have been taking 'quality first, sincere cooperation, and realizing win-win' as our tenet, and comprehensively carry out quality management to improve the quality of products and services. And our company is committed to continually improving effectiveness of our management system to maximize customer satisfaction. Our products have been favored by the majority of users for many years. We pay attention to the publicity and promotion of our culture. Over the years, consumers and peers have had a good comprehensive evaluation and recognition of our company's brand identity and cultural value.

Product Feature

This Goose Feather Duvet comes with high performance material, which is made of soft and breathable cotton fabric. In addition, this natural goose down feather filling is better for a comfortable sleep experience.This pure white quilt has the right amount of thickness to provide year-round comfort and can be easily used with or without a duvet cover. Equipped with professional craftsmanship, this  Goose Feather Duvet is stitched with stencils to prevent the feather filler from shifting or triggering, ensuring a smooth appearance, with angled seams and double-layer piping on the edges. Due to the proper size and compact design, it is really easy to clean and store.

Product Description

This Goose Feather Duvet comes with the widest selection of top quality goose feather, which has longer service life for use. This good quality down duvets can greatly improve the quality of your sleep, thus keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer!

Our Feather Cleaning Process

●When the bales of pre-washed feathers arrive at our factory they must be professionally washed and processed for use in our bedding products.

●This process comprises of a further two pre-washes, two full washes with with specially formulated detergents, and several rinses.

●This is followed by drying and sterilising with high pressure steam at 130°C.

●The next step is the de-dusting process which ensures the products are non-allergenic.

●Every batch is then tested to determine that the Oxygen rating (organic cleanliness) conforms to international standards.

●The feathers are then sorted in our huge sorting machine into various grades of fillings.

When we dedicate our 100% Hungarian King Comforter 10.5 Tog High Fill Power Filling Siberian Goose Feathers Down Duvets Inner and services to you, we will also show you the warm pillow attitude of our employees, good reputation, rigorous work style and pragmatic spirit. By learning from and introducing the effective strategies in shaping the corporate image, our company has created a complete, unique, real and vivid image. We constantly improve the service level, create a magic stone with our own characteristics, form an integrated mode of customer service.
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