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Evaluation Of The Mattress

Mar 18, 2019

The general requirements for mattresses are beautiful appearance, smooth surface, dry, breathable, moderate thickness, not easily deformed, durable, and easy to maintain. The standard for professional evaluation of mattresses is from the perspective of the functionality, comfort and safety of the mattress. Factors affecting the functionality of the mattress include: stability, anchorage, weight, friction characteristics between the mat and the cushion, thickness, appearance, durability and retention characteristics; factors affecting the comfort of the mattress include: pressure distribution, shear Shear/friction, humidity, temperature, stability and other factors; factors affecting the safety of the mattress include: pressure distribution of the mattress, stability, shear/friction, temperature, humidity, durability, source of infection Control, mites, killing, cleaning, flame retardant, etc.

In addition, mattress materials require density, hardness, resilience, resistance, encapsulation, heat dissipation, and water resistance. The mattress produced should meet the direct needs of the user's self-feeling, maximum allowable contact interface, posture, mobile decompression ability, skin condition, after-sales service and so on.