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Cushion Material

Mar 08, 2019

Memory cotton material: Memory cotton is also called slow rebound. It was developed by the United States Space Agency (NASA) affiliated company, HEALTHMAN, in the 1960s. It is an open cell structure. It has a warm temperature. The characteristic of decompression and decompression can also be called a temperature-sensitive decompression material. HEALTHMAN applies this material to the space shuttle. In order to relieve the pressure on the astronauts and protect the astronauts' spines, especially when the space shuttle returns and leaves the astronauts, the pressure on the astronauts is the most dangerous. In order to protect the safety of astronauts, this material was invented. He and GPS (Global Positioning System) are called the two major inventions of space technology. The greatest science in the 21st century will be life science, and space science and technology has made great contributions to the study of human life science. In the early 1990s, Sweden's Fagerdala Company was once again developed into a civilian (medical) product, which was first widely used in medical emergency and monitoring systems. It is then rapidly spreading in developed countries, especially in health-conscious countries like Japan.