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Cushion Color

Mar 06, 2019

The color of the cushions adjusts the atmosphere of the bedroom. When the overall color tone of the room is relatively simple and simple, the cushion can adopt a bright color with a higher purity, and the atmosphere is activated by the bright color blocks formed by the cushion. If the color of the bedroom is brighter and richer, consider using the simple gray color cushion to mediate the indoor color.

The choice of sofa cover and other cover towels should be suitable for the size, and should not be too large to cover the beauty of the furniture. Some wooden countertops are clean and simple, with a beautiful texture. They are covered with a hood and turned into a snake's foot. In short, the choice of cover towel should be adapted to local conditions. With decorative and embellishment effects, you can choose boldly. If you don't have decorative effects or even affect the overall beauty, you should not continue.

Large-area fabrics such as curtains and bedspreads should be as uniform as possible in terms of color, pattern and material selection, and should be echoed in the production of the pattern. There should be no curtains with lace, and other bedspreads with straight edges, and a sofa fabric with a flower-like mesh. This kind of room decoration makes people feel like they are picked up from several places. It can be seen that the use of interior accessories, uniform color, and uniform style are essential.

When choosing the color of these large-area fabrics, consider the color of the background such as the wall and the ground. In general, the color of these fabrics should be light and soft. If the background color is relatively light, the color of the fabric can be moderately bright, and the pattern can be more complicated to create a warm atmosphere. Conversely, the color of the fabric should be chosen to be a bit more uniform with a uniform atmosphere. In short, the overall fabric tones should be combined with the overall environmental tones.