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Why is goose down more expensive than duck down?

Jan 06, 2021

The velvet flower is bigger: As we said before, the important index to measure the quality of down is the bulkiness. As far as mature goose down is compared with duck down, goose down has longer filaments, larger downs, higher bulkiness, and higher comfort, so it is of better quality and relatively expensive.

The authoritative test data of the China Down Industry Association shows that the down of goose down is generally larger than that of duck down, and its fluffiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so it has better thermal performance. Full velvet flowers: Generally, the growth period of a goose reaches maturity for at least 100 days, while that of ducks is 40 days, so the velvet flowers of a goose are fuller than those of a duck. The fewer the number of velvet flowers per gram of cashmere, the larger the individual velvet flowers, the higher the maturity of the cashmere, and vice versa, the less mature and shorter growth time.

Excellent fluffiness: the feathers of goose down are evenly distributed with smaller diamond nodes, and the diamond nodes on the duck down are larger and concentrated at the end of the small feathers, so the goose down can produce a larger distance space and fluffy Better temperature and better warmth retention.

Better resilience: Goose feathers have better curvature, are thinner and softer than duck feathers, have better elasticity and stronger resilience. The easiest way to check the resilience: press the fluffy duvet/clothing once, and after loosening it, it rebounds quickly and returns to its original shape, indicating that the down has a good fluffy degree.

No smell: Goose is herbivorous, duck is omnivorous, so the odor of goose down will be much smaller, and there is basically no odor when handled properly, while duck down is more or less a bit. Of course, if there is a pungent smell, the quality of the down itself is a problem. Another key quality is that goose down has a longer use time than duck down. The use time of duck down is about 10 years, but the use time of goose down can reach more than 15 years.