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Why does down jacket have good warmth?

Aug 18, 2020

Both down and air are poor conductors of heat, and the warmth of winter clothes depends to a large extent on the amount of dead air (stationary air) contained. After a series of technical treatments, the down quality standard has excellent fiber elasticity, far exceeding insulation materials such as cotton, silk cotton and camel hair. After being squeezed and collided by an external force for a long time, cotton, silk cotton, and camel hair are easily compacted, and the air contained in it becomes less, while down is different. Because of its good fiber elasticity, after the external force disappears, it can immediately regain its softness. Fluffy, so the air inside is always very full, which forms an ideal "insulation layer" outside the human body, making it difficult to lose body temperature.

In addition, cotton and silk cotton have strong water absorption and a faster aging process, so they are easily felt, hardened, and even interlayered in cold-proof clothing. But the surface of down has some grease attached, it is not afraid of moisture, and the aging process is slow, so it is not easy to feel the phenomenon of felting and compaction. At the same time, the down is light and floating, and can fill each other, so that the "insulation layer" can maintain a uniform thin and thick state. Of course, the warmth retention of down clothing is also inseparable from the role of its fabric. Most of the fabrics and linings of down garments are made of special nylon taffeta (nylon silk). This kind of fabric has a tight texture and is not easy to penetrate through the cold wind, so that a sufficient air layer can be maintained inside. People love down clothing. In addition to its strong cold resistance, the light weight is also an important factor. According to measurement: the weight of a medium-sized down mountaineering suit is only about 1/3 of the weight of a cotton suit of the same size and style.

In order to maintain the good thermal performance of down clothing, scientific maintenance methods should be mastered, and special attention should be paid to the maintenance of down. When washing down jackets, you can only use a soft brush to brush lightly. Never use a scrubbing board, let alone twist, to avoid crushing and clumping of the down and reducing the warmth retention.