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What are the types of down?

Feb 09, 2019

Goose down: large velvet, small stalk, good quality, elastic foot, warm and strong;

Duck down: velvet, feather stalk is worse than goose down, but the quality, elasticity and warmth are very high;

Goose and duck mixed velvet: velvet is generally, the elasticity is poor, but the warmth is better;

Flying silk: pulverized by the processing of wool, the elasticity and warmth are poor, there is powder, the quality is lower, and it is easy to agglomerate after washing.

In addition to the above, the quality of the down is divided into southern velvet and northern velvet. Generally, the velvet in the north is larger than the southern velvet, and the duck is generally long in growth, so relatively speaking, the northern velvet is better than the southern velvet.

The filling types of down products are white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, goose duck mixed cashmere and so on. The quality of the core is mainly determined by its standard amount of cashmere and the amount of cashmere. According to the QB/T light industry standard, the content of cashmere must be higher than 50%, which can be called down products, otherwise it can only be called feather products. The higher the content of velvet, the better the quality; the larger the velvet, the higher the corresponding bulkiness, the better the quality!

There is also a small pile of velvet in summer, and it is miscellaneous. The winter cashmere is much better...