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The main raw material of the blanket

Feb 22, 2019

The chemical fiber blanket uses acrylic fiber as the main raw material, and the color is bright and the hand feels soft and soft. The weaving method of the blanket is divided into two types: weaving and knitting. Woven blankets are woven by ordinary wool looms and pile looms; knitting is divided into warp knitting and tufting, acupuncture, stitching, etc. Both the piled woven felt and the warp knitted felt are obtained by the cut pile method, so that the furry is erected, the suede is flat, the hand feels soft and elastic, and is a higher grade in the blanket. After processing, in addition to raising, according to the requirements of different varieties, it is also processed by steaming, combing, scratching, ironing, shearing or rolling. The appearance of the blanket is diverse, with a suede type with full fluff, a velvety pile with a velvety fluff, a smooth, fluffy, fluffy, and irregularly corrugated water. Pattern and so on. There are many kinds of patterns in the blankets, such as geometric patterns, flowers, landscapes, and animals. Generally, blankets are decorated and reinforced with edges, edges, and fringes.