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The main principle of the blanket

Feb 21, 2019

The surface has a thick plush, warm-keeping bed with wool fabric, and can also be used as a bed cover, tapestry and other decorations. It is divided into pure blankets, blended blankets and chemical fiber blankets. The pure felt is made of semi-fine wool. Generally, 2~5 male carded yarn is used for warp and weft, or combed wool yarn, cotton yarn and rayon yarn are used. The carded yarn is weft interlaced, and the twill weave can be broken. Twill weft double, satin weft double, and double-layer twill weave. The fabric needs to be finished by fluffing and double-faced raising. Each blanket weighs approximately 2 to 3 kg. Blended wools contain 30 to 50% viscose and sometimes blended with recycled wool to reduce costs.