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The difference between duck down and goose down

Feb 20, 2020

Goose down is more expensive than duck down because of the essential difference between them.

Compared with duck down, goose down has a large pile, high hollowness, good fluffy, excellent resilience, and better warmth. According to authoritative test data from the China Down Industry Association, goose down is generally larger than duck down, and its fluffiness is 50% higher than duck down, so it has better thermal performance. Mr. Wang Dunzhou, vice chairman of the China Animal Product Processing Research Association and director of the Down Industry Committee, analyzed that both goose down and duck down have grades, and even the lowest grade goose down has higher heat retention than the highest grade down.

In addition, relevant experts also admitted frankly that, in general, goose down is superior to duck down in various indicators. When talking about the difference between goose down and duck down, down experts have pointed out that the problem of duck down has two aspects. One is that ducks like to eat insects in water, so duck down generally has a fishy smell (known as "duck odor" by personnel in the industry). In order to remove odors, some processing plants even use deodorants in the process of decontamination and degreasing. Although the newly purchased down jacket could not smell, it returned to taste after a few months, and it would take at least a year to distribute it naturally. The goose is a herbivore, so the goose down itself does not have any odor problem.