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Terminology of down products

Sep 09, 2020

The core of the down product is the down filled in the product, but because consumers cannot see the down in the product, they cannot have an intuitive impression. Even if they can see it, because of the particularity of the down, they cannot distinguish whether it is good or bad, so Consumers' judgment on the quality of down products has become a difficult point in the consumption of down products.

What do the various data on the down tags mean and what kind of specifications do they represent?

According to the current international standards, there are at least three items that must be marked on the hang tags of down products, that is, the type of filling, the amount of down and the amount of down.

Types of fillers:

Only waterfowl can produce down. At present, there are four main types of down on the market: white duck down, gray duck down, white goose down and gray goose down. Among them, white duck and white goose down are more common. Now most down products are made of these four types of down filling. There is also a kind of Iceland goose down, which is very small in production and expensive, and only appears in small quantities.

When the goose and duck are fully mature, goose down is larger than duck down, with high fluffiness and relatively good warmth retention. From the color point of view, white down has the same warmth retention performance as gray down, but white down will not show through when filling light-colored fabrics, and can better reflect the color of the fabric. In addition, geese and ducks grow in different regions, and their down quality is also different. In principle, the north is better than the south. The poultry that grows in the north, because of the cold weather, the velvet grows thicker, the velvet filaments are long, and the fluffy is high. Relatively speaking, the warmth is better.

Filling amount:

Down filling refers to the weight of down filled in down products. Adjust the thickness of down products and the thermal performance of the products according to different filling amounts. For down products used under different temperatures, you should choose a proper down filling amount. If the down filling amount is too high, it will be too hot, and if the down filling amount is too low, it will not keep warm. Down jackets vary slightly according to their style, length, thickness, number, and filling amount.

Down content: Also known as down content rate, it refers to the proportion of down in the filled down. For the same amount of velvet filling, the higher the velvet content, the better the thermal performance of the product and the more comfortable the product. Theoretically, down is composed of down (also known as down) and wool flakes. Flock determines the warmth retention performance of down, and wool flakes determine the resilience of down.