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Storage and maintenance of down jackets

Nov 20, 2020


Before putting the down jackets away, they should be washed and dried first, and then covered with breathable items (such as organizing bags), and then hung and stored in a ventilated and dry closet. Be careful not to fold them and do not compress them in a vacuum bag There is a lot of rain in summer and autumn. After the rainy season, it is best to take out the down jacket and dry it to prevent mildew; if mold is found, wipe it with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol, then wipe it with a clean wet towel, and then properly dry it. Favorites


1. Wrap the down jacket with good air permeability and store it in a dry place.

2. After the rainy season, take it out and let it air dry, and store it after it has dried to prevent mildew.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun to avoid aging and fading of the fabric.