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Six tips for quickly choosing a duvet

Mar 31, 2021

1. Press: Spread the duvet flat on the bed, wait for the duvet in the quilt to naturally stretch for about 2-3 minutes, gently press the quilt with your hand and then loosen it. The pressed area can quickly return to its original shape to prove its goodness Material. The faster the rebound speed, the better the quality of down. If there is no elasticity at all, it proves that there is a problem with the quality of the filler.

2. Touch: Use a pinch to test the softness of the hand, whether there are intact small hair pieces or too large and thick long hair pieces, feather tubes, etc. If the hand feels soft and has a complete small piece, it is an authentic product. If there are too large and thick long wool flakes, soft hand feeling but poor resilience, it is softened fleece rather than down. If soft hand feeling but short and thick feather shafts are crushed flakes, this kind of quilt cannot be used.

3. Pat: Pat the quilt vigorously to see if there is any dust overflow. The less dust overflow, the better.

4. Knead: Knead the quilt with both hands to see if there is any fluff out. If there is fluff out, it means that the fabric is fleece-like and it is not suitable to buy.

5. Smell: Use your nose to approach the duvet and take a deep breath several times to see if there is any peculiar smell or smell. If there is no peculiar smell, it is a good product. If there is an obvious smell, it is not suitable to use.

6. Weighing: Weigh the weight of the duvet with your hands, and look at the size at the same time. The lighter the weight, the larger the volume, the better.