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Reasonable position of the pillow

Feb 17, 2019

It is very important to have a reasonable position of the head on the pillow when sleeping. Generally speaking, the head is preferably placed in the center of the pillow, so that the posture can be stabilized and sleep, and the nighttime frequent shifting posture can be avoided; Second, the neck can have a certain supporting force to maintain the normal physiological curve of the body. The normal sleeping position is that the supine head is in the middle of the pillow, and the neck is placed on the edge of the pillow. The pillow will support the neck and will not cause Cervical pressure. If the pillow material is inelastic, the pillow can be flattened in the middle, and the neck pillow is raised high, so that the cervical vertebra is neither flexed nor laterally bent, and the proper extension position is maintained, so that it does not rise in the morning. Will have cervical pain.