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Reasonable hardness of the pillow

Feb 15, 2019

Generally speaking, a harder pillow is good for human health, but a hard pillow makes the head and the pillow have too little contact surface, and the partial pressure is too large, which makes people feel uncomfortable, and this is likely to cause local nerve compression. Big, the next morning, the head, neck, back, arms, hands and other places of numbness or pain and other symptoms; soft pillows difficult to maintain the height of the pillow, because too soft on the scalp compression area is large, is not conducive to blood circulation At the same time, there is also a problem of poor ventilation performance, which does not guarantee adequate breathing during sleep, and may also present a safety hazard. Therefore, the hardness of the pillow should be moderate, and the height of the pillows in different sleeping positions is different. It must be noted that the height of the pillows in the supine and sideways is about 15-20cm. For the health of the cervical vertebrae, please choose the pillow rationally.