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Professional terms for down products

Feb 18, 2021

Fluffy: Fluffy is one of the important criteria for evaluating the quality of down, and it determines the performance of down. The bulkiness is the volume occupied by a certain amount of down (feather) under the pressure of constant weight in a container of certain caliber. Geese and ducks in different regions have different sizes of down due to different breeds and feeding cycles. Generally speaking, the larger the down, the higher the fluffy, the better the warmth and comfort.

Flying silk: Flying silk is a single velvet strand that falls off the velvet. The down is in the shape of a ball and contains more air, but the flying silk is threaded, so too much flying silk will affect the bulkiness and warmth retention of the down.

Hair piece: small feathers with stalks, mixed with down to increase the resilience of down, down products can quickly recover after being pressed down, it is the credit of the hair piece. If the down products are filled with pure piles, the recovery will be slower after being compressed.

Smashed hair: mainly used by illegal traders to pretend to be down after shattering feathers. The warmth retention performance is extremely poor. It is easy to produce relatively sharp feather ends during the shredding process. The filled down products are easy to burrow and it is uncomfortable to wear.

Land bird feathers: The feathers on land birds are called land bird feathers, which mainly refer to chicken feathers. Chicken feathers are not warm, not easy to wash, easy to rot and smell when exposed to water, and are easy to get out of the fabric. Due to the extremely low price of chicken feathers, some profit-seeking merchants often mix chicken feathers with down to deceive consumers.