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Pillow breathability and elasticity

Feb 16, 2019

The breathability and elasticity of the pillow are mainly for the pillow of the soft pillow material, because other filling materials such as cassia seed, silkworm sand, grain, elastic tube and the like can ensure that the pillow has good gas permeability and does not collapse without elasticity. However, soft materials such as vacuum cotton, cotton, sponges, and the like generally have problems of poor gas permeability and poor elasticity. According to medical investigations, the prone posture has a certain proportion in the sleep process of each person. Pillows with poor ventilation performance can make people in sleep have poor breathing, which seriously affects the health of the person and may even cause safety problems. Most of the pillow manufacturers on the market have already considered this problem, and porous fibers are often used to solve this problem. The good elasticity mainly means that the soft pillow material can avoid the collapse of the pillow, ensure the comfortable use of the pillow for a long time, and increase the support force for bending the neck, but the elastic pillow also has the disadvantage of unstable sleeping posture. The best pillows require moderate elasticity and moderate support.