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Nine advantages of duvets

Mar 10, 2021

Good warmth retention: Because each feather silk of down is superimposed by thousands of tiny scales. Each scale is hollow, and these tiny pores are full of still air. Due to the lowest conductivity of air, a natural barrier is formed, preventing convection of cold and hot air. These still air can contract and expand with changes in temperature to produce a temperature adjustment function, which can absorb the heat emitted by the human body and isolate the intrusion of cold air from the outside. This is why down has good thermal performance.

Gentle, no pressure: The duvet is light in texture. A double duvet is about 2.5 kg (the quilt weighs about 4.8-7.2 kg, and the silk quilt is 3.6 kg). It is currently the lightest natural warm bedding on the planet. It does not cause pressure on the human body (heart and lungs), can promote blood circulation, and easily turn over. It is most suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with poor sleep or people with high blood pressure.

Good temperature regulation: Because down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, which is full of a lot of still air, it can shrink and expand as the temperature changes to produce a temperature regulation function. The duvet can be used at a temperature of 25 degrees to minus 40 degrees.

Powerful moisture absorption and dehumidification: Down has strong moisture absorption and dehumidification, and will automatically circulate moisture absorption, diffusion, and evaporation under different temperatures and humidity. Due to the structure of down, it has a large surface area, so it will quickly dissipate after absorbing moisture. In addition, down itself contains a certain amount of grease, which has moisture removal properties. In addition to being able to absorb the sweat discharged by the human body during sleep and quickly discharge it, the duvet can automatically adjust the temperature inside the quilt and has the function of moisture absorption and dehumidification to keep the human body dry and prevent rheumatism. The comfortable relative humidity is 40-70. In southern my country, the relative humidity is relatively high, and in some areas it is as high as 90. Therefore, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, eczema and other diseases are quite common. The use of duvets can effectively reduce the incidence of these diseases. rate.

High bulkiness: The bulkiness refers to "the volume occupied by a certain amount of down (feather) under the pressure of constant weight in a container of a certain caliber." Here it generally refers to the elasticity of the quilt, which is a measure of the quality and grade of the duvet. Key indicators. The level of bulkiness is related to the comfort and performance of heat preservation, temperature adjustment, moisture absorption and dehumidification of the quilt. For example: quilts made of linear fibers such as chemical fiber, cotton, wool, silk, etc., after 1-2 years of use, due to the poor compression resistance of the linear fibers, they are easy to compact, the bulkiness is reduced, the size is shortened, and the material is degraded quickly. Its functions such as keeping warm, adjusting temperature, absorbing moisture, and dehumidifying are also reduced. The unique down has a three-dimensional spherical shape and is rich in grease, and it will never be compacted after years of use, which can keep its function as new for a long time.

Good safety: not afraid of water-cotton is easy to absorb water, it is not easy to dry after being wet, and can not be washed, while duvets can be washed with water and easy to dry; not afraid of fire-down is animal protein, below 100 degrees Celsius Temperature (such as cigarette butts) will not burn.

Good durability and economy: A good duvet can last up to 30 years for its anti-flannel fabric, and up to 70 years for filled down. It can be passed down to three generations in Europe. The average annual cost of use is very low, and regardless of comfort The degree, sense of value, average cost and durability are better than other quilts.

Good fit: Due to the light weight, softness, and high comfort of the duvet, the body fits well, making the body feel warmer and more comfortable. In addition, the sewing process of the duvet is not like other traditional quilts as flakes, but is made into independent squares, so it has the best fit.