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How to store and maintain down jackets in warmer weather?

Feb 25, 2021

As the weather gets warmer, down jackets, which come in handy in winter and spring, will gradually be put into the closet to be worn again in the coming year. So, how to store and maintain down jackets?

Hiding: Pack the cleaned down with breathable items, such as a sorting bag, or put a mothball in it to prevent moths, and then store it in a ventilated and dry closet. Take care not to put it under heavy pressure. At present, there are vacuum-compressed down jacket bags on the market. It is recommended that they be used only for temporary use and should not be stored in a compressed bag. Long-term compression will cause the down or the warm layer to lose elasticity, thereby reducing the thermal performance.

Drying: After the summer and autumn rainy seasons, take the down jacket out to dry to prevent mildew; if mold is found, wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, and then wipe it with a clean wet towel.

Wear: In view of the characteristics of down jackets mainly for snow and ice, down jackets are not glued at the seams and cannot be completely waterproof, so do not wear down jackets directly outside in the rain.

Remedy: When a small hole appears on the down jacket, you can find the nail polish or colorless nail polish of the same color as the down jacket and apply a layer gently. The hole will be sealed and the down will not drill out.