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How to choose a duvet?

Mar 24, 2021

There are three key professional indicators, which are important standards for the quality of duvets.

1. Quilt

The quilt of the duvet includes white goose down, grey goose down, white duck down, grey duck down, mixed goose and duck down and crushed down. The quality of the quilt mainly depends on its standard down content and filling amount. Generally, the down content of a duvet is between 15% and 70%. The higher the percentage of pure down, the better the warmth retention of the duvet and the higher the price, usually higher than 50%. The higher the amount of down filling, the better the warmth retention. Usually, the weight of the duvet (not including the duvet cover) is required to be more than 3 kg. It should be noted that when purchasing, it is mainly necessary to see the marked down filling and down content.

2. Fabric

The fabrics of duvets are generally required to be waterproof, velvet proof, breathable and shiny, and the common ones are lint proof cotton cloth, silk-cotton blended fabric, nylon coated cloth, etc. The lint-proof cotton cloth is specially treated, the down is not easy to drill out, and is relatively economical; the nylon plastic-coated cloth has a firm texture, good warmth retention but poor air permeability. When selecting, you must pay attention to the fabric without obvious defects and picking yarns, and the stitches of the seam should not be too thin, otherwise the phenomenon of velvet run-out is easy to occur.

3. Feel

Good quality duvets are fluffy and soft when touched by hand, without obvious flakes and hard stems. Tap the quilt with your hand, and there should be no obvious flying dust. If there is more dust, it means that the cleanliness is low and it is not suitable to buy. If there is a peculiar smell, it is not suitable to buy.