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High quality down must be rigorously screened

Mar 10, 2020

Down content refers to the content of down in the down. The main role of fluff is down, and feathers and debris have little contribution to fluff. The amount of down and the quality of down are the determinants of the degree of fluff. The less damage the down has, the better the fluff. The better the quality of the down, the higher the content of the duvet, and the better the warmth.

High-quality down must be strictly screened:

1. Dedusting: The dust and sand impurities in the plush are removed by the dust removing device, so that the plush meets the required quality requirements;

2.Feeding: Feed the dust-removed down to the washing down and water washing machine;

3. Washing: pre-wash for ten minutes, remove grease, and then wash for 25-30 minutes to remove impurities;

4. Routine rinsing process: wash 60 minutes, change water 6 times, and disinfect to ensure that the down is clean and free of odor;

5. Dehydration: The rinsed down is dewatered in a centrifuge, and the water content of the down is about 30% by dewatering twice at low speed and high speed;

6. Drying: The high-temperature, damp-heat disinfection method dries at 120 °; the bird flu virus can be killed at 70 ° C for 2 minutes, so the down products made in this way cannot carry viruses such as bird flu ;

7. Cooling: put the down down in a cooler for cooling;

8. Secondary dust removal: remove the remaining impurities;

9. Fleece: The fleece process uses a large hair dryer to blow the down, and the down will be divided into several levels. According to the order from top to bottom, the down content will gradually decrease.