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Down purchase guide

Feb 12, 2019

At this stage, the down market exists to use the inferior raw materials to pretend the down raw materials. The amount of the finished fluff of the logo is not in line with the actual situation. The down fluff is unqualified, the down cleanliness is not qualified, etc. Consumers should pay attention to four aspects when purchasing.

First pay attention to the amount of cashmere

The amount of cashmere and the amount of cashmere are the key to determining the quality of down. The content of cashmere is generally 70% or more, and has a certain degree of bulkiness and softness. The amount of cashmere involved, the degree of warmth of the down, should be determined according to the needs of their own wear.

Second attention to resilience

The specific method is to puff the fluffy feathers, and then loosen them, and then quickly rebound and return to the original shape, indicating that the fluffiness of the down is good. If the amount of cashmere is low, a certain amount of flakes or pulverized hair is added, the resilience is poor, and the down velvet has a heavy feeling in the hand. Down linings should have anti-drilling properties. Take a shot and find that the down products of the velvet are definitely inferior.

Third attention to gas permeability

Down can not be velvet, but also has a certain permeability. If the down fabric, lining, and bile have poor air permeability, the water vapor during the wearing process will not easily dissipate, causing moisture to feel uncomfortable, and it is not easy to dry after washing.

Finally pay attention to the smell of down

The pungent down feather should be avoided. In addition, since it is difficult to identify the quality of the inner filling when buying down, consumers should not only pay for the price, but also pay attention to the purchase of well-known brands, pay attention to whether the mark on the down is complete, check the name of the factory, the site, the fabric Ingredients content, washing mark, quality grade, execution standard code, etc.