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Blanket care and cleaning

Feb 28, 2019

Blanket care

1. When raising the blanket, it should be strictly forbidden to get damp to prevent mildew. Avoid exposure to heat and suffocation, to prevent the gloss from getting worse, feel rough, and apply insecticide to prevent insects.

2, can be stressed to avoid the occurrence of bristles and creases.

Blanket cleaning

1, good quality detergent and neutral low-alkaline detergent washing, water temperature should be around 35 °C.

2, the blanket can not be machine washed, in order to keep the blanket clean and reduce the number of times the blanket is washed, a blanket can be added to the blanket.

3, the carpet should be aired frequently during use, and gently tapped, so that the sweat, dust and dander adhered to the blanket are removed, keeping the blanket clean and dry, preventing mold and mildew.

4, also need to dry before storage, put a few pieces of paper-wrapped mothballs in the folded blanket, and then sealed with plastic bags, stored in a dry cabinet.

Skillful thick blanket

The thicker the blanket, the harder it is to be sun-dried. With a little knowledge of physics, you can easily dry a thick blanket:

Method: Drying the blanket along the diagonal line on the clothesline can greatly shorten the time required for drying.