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Basic introduction to the blanket

Feb 20, 2019

Both sides have thick plush wool fabrics, rich plush on the surface, and wool fabric for warmth.

Can also be used as a bed cover, tapestry and other decorations. It is divided into three types: pure blanket, blended blanket and chemical fiber blanket. It is divided into organic weaving, tufting, warp knitting, acupuncture and stitching according to the weaving method. The carpet surface has jacquard, print, plain, ochre, road, lattice and so on. The surface of the carpet has a suede type, a velvet type, a smooth type, a ball type and a water pattern. Strong elasticity and warmth, and thick texture. It is mainly used as a bed cover and as an ornament for bed covers or tapestries. The appearance of the blanket is diverse, with a full-bodied suede type, and the fluff is erect and velvety. The blanket pattern has a wide range of colors.