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Basic classification of pillows

Feb 14, 2019

The classification of pillows is also varied. The ancients once divided pillows into winter pillows, summer pillows or soft pillows and hard pillows. This classification is very consistent with the way of health.

In the summer, I like to use cool pillows, winter to pursue warmer pillows, some people prefer harder pillows, and some people prefer softer pillows. Modern people are divided into first pillow, lumbar pillow, pillow, ear pillow, knee pillow, etc. according to the function of the pillow. The classification from the pillow material is more: stone pillows such as jade and magnet; wood pillows such as sandalwood and cypress; medicinal pillows such as cassia seed, silkworm, and chrysanthemum; cotton, velvet and various chemical fiber pillows, etc. Soft pillows, as well as pillows such as water pillows, air pillows, tea pillows, etc., the world of pillows suitable for the treasure, currently includes 12 categories, more than 50 types of functions. These pillows are loved by people in different eras and with different characteristics, and their performances are also good or bad.