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Basic classification of down

Feb 11, 2019

Down is generally divided into goose down and duck down according to the source, according to the color is divided into white cashmere and gray cashmere, of course, in addition to the black cashmere produced by Icelandic eider duck and so on. Relatively speaking, better down is generally from larger, more mature birds, so goose down is slightly better than duck down. In terms of color, white velvet is white, which can be used for light-colored fabrics and is not transparent. It is more popular than gray velvet.

Color: gray velvet, white velvet.

Source: duck down, goose down

Ingredients: range from 5% to 95%. For example, it can be said: 90% white goose down and so on.

National standard: the amount of cashmere is more than 50%.