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Hutterite Goose Down

Hutterite Goose Down
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Product Details

The top quality breed imported from Canada, whole supply chain which includes egging, hatching, raising, sanitary, slaughtering and feather processing etc. This down have own Certificate Tags.

Hutterite Goose Down filled products are extremely resilient and insulate very well. In duvets, down is the best insulator per ounce over any other fill, natural or manmade. For pillows, down provides incredible re-lofting capabilities, yet is soft and comfortable. YONGFENG’s Hutterite goose down is a large cluster of down harvested from hutterites geese in cold climates which is wonderfully light, soft and warm. 

Basic Information of Washed Hutterite Goose Down Feather

●Product Name: Washed Hutterite Goose Down Feather

●Origin: Canada & USA


●100% Pure Hutterite Goose Down (EN 12934 Standard Only)

●95% Pure Hutterite Goose Down

●90% Pure Hutterite Goose Down

●80% Pure Hutterite Goose Down

●Color: White

Specs Data

●Down content: ±3%

●Fill Power: 700+ fill power

●Turbidity: 1050+ mm 

●Oxygen Number : Less 3.2mg

●Fat & Oil: Less 0.6% 

●Color (non-white): Less 0.04%

●Max. Production: 50 T / Year

●Delivery Period: The whole year

●Packing: Compress bale,50kgs/bale, 19500kgs per 40HQ.

●MOQ: 50KGS 

●Transport Port: Shanghai / Ningbo (China)

●Delivery: 10~15 days after payment

●Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Moneygram

●Usage: filling

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