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Canada Goose Down

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Product Details

Product Feature

The all-season crib of our Canada Goose Down has a fill weight, which provides better softness and bulkiness. 

The sewed structure distributes the light weight evenly and creates maximum bulk and comfort. The corners are easy for connection to the duvet cover. Double seam edge trims ensure years of strength and durability.


Product Description

This Canada Goose Down is luxurious and soft, which has longer service life for use. In addition, the configuration allows the duvet to be evenly distributed. Made from high performance long-fiber, it has grown in the lush. This luxury outfit is comfortable and of exceptional quality, thus bringing luxury and softness and comfort. On the other hand, there are various kinds of filled options and people could have a better choice according to their need. Its incredible fill-power is some of the fluffiest around, and ensures peerless support and suppleness. Each cotton cover of our Canada Goose Down has a count, which provides a comfortable and peaceful night. Whether it's hot or cold, quality Siberian white goose down duvets provide medium warmth for year-round comfort.



●100% Pure Canadian Goose Down (EN 12934 Standard Only)

●95% Pure Canadian Goose Down

●90% Pure Canadian Goose Down

●80% Pure Canadian Goose Down

●Color: White

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